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Dendera invests a portion of earned commissions back into your business by providing complimentary services

Dendera is unique among brokerage and consulting firms. Depending on your group insurance plan, we will customize a set of services for your business and provide these to you at no cost.
    1. Services Provided
    2. Sample Complimentary Services Agreement
    3. Change of Broker Notification
    4. Steps to take to Receive Complimentary Services

      Services Provided  
      By making Dendera your Broker of Record, Dendera will provide some of these services to you at no cost:
      • HR Practices Assessment
      • Customized Employee Handbook
      • Review Current Employee Handbook
      • Training – Sexual Harassment
      • Training – Performance Reviews
      • Training – Supervisory Training
      • Other Customized Training
      • Compensation Program Development
      • Compensation Program Review
      • HR Hotline & HR Tips
      • HR Integrator®
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    Dendera's complimentary services program distinguishes us from traditional brokers.

    Dendera places a premium on our broad range of expertise and our quality of service.
      Sample Complimentary Service Agreement  

    Dendera will work with your HR staff to identify the services most appropriate for your firm.

    Once a customized set of services has been identified, Dendera will commit in writing to providing these services to your firm at no cost. The services agreement itemizes the services Dendera commits to providing and establishes a delivery date for each service.

    These services are above and beyond the year round services provided as your broker.

    Click here to see a Sample Services Agreement.
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    Complimentary services are customized to your needs and confirmed by written agreements.
      Change of Broker Notification  

    There is no need to wait until renewal or re-enrollment period to take advantage of these free services. As soon as you inform your insurance carrier that you intend to make Dendera HR & Benefits, the Broker of Record Dendera can customize a complimentary service plan immediately. This will result in:

    • No Change in Benefits
    • No Change in Premiums
    • No Change in Existing Coverage
    • Immediate HR Support
    • Complimentary Servcies

    To have Dendera HR & Benefits assigned as the Broker of Record, use this Sample Letter as a guide to inform your carrier that Dendera HR & Benefits is assigned as your Broker of Record. This letter must be printed on your company letterhead.
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    You can take advantage of Dendera's complimentary services program by making Dendera your broker of record at any time without any change or interruption of insurance coverage.
      Steps to take to Receive Complimentary Services  

    You do not need to wait until your renewal date or enrollment period to start taking advantage of Dendera HR & Benefits’ complimentary services. By naming Dendera as your Broker of Record, you may continue your existing policy with no interruption of coverage and no change in current benefits or premiums.

    To start the process to receive complementary services follow these four steps:

    1. Using the link above review the Sample Services Agreement to identify services you may need and be eligible for under the agreement.
    2. Contact Isabel Valdivia, (714) 328-9366, to discuss services needed, your current group coverage and terms of the agreement.
    3. Complete a Broker of Record change request using the attached sample as a guide. The letter must be dated, signed by an authorized company representative, and printed on your company letterhead .
    4. Fax a copy of the change of Broker of Record request to:
      • Dendera HR & Benefits, (714) 866-4199; and,
      • to your Insurance Carrier.

    After the completion of these steps, Dendera will work with you to set service dates. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Dendera HR & Benefits.
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    Follow these four steps to take advantage or our complimentary services program

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