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The HR Integrator® is Dendera's Proprietary Employee and Benefits Tracking and Reporting Tool


This web-based tool is offered to Dendera clients at NO COST. It is designed for HR and Benefits administrators to have easy acces to detailed employee and group coverage information. It is also designed for all employees to have immediate to access the group plans their company provides, as well as the details of their own particular participation in the plan, recent payroll information and corporate documents.

      1. Overview
      2. Administrator Functions
      3. Employee Function
      4. Implementation
      5. Maintenance

      Dendera's HR Integrator® combines four types of information:

      Employee Information•
      Benefits Information•
      Payroll Data•
      Corporate Documents•

      and makes them available to administrators and employees while maintaining confidentiality

        Administrator Functions  
        The HR Integrator® is designed to place all relevant information at the fingertips of HR professionals. Statement reconciliation, reports and downloadable data allow easy access of information when needed.
      • Update/Review Detailed Employee Information
      • Premium Calculation/Reconciliation
      • Publish Corporate Documents
      • Departmental Reports
      • All Group Benefit Policy Details
      • Employee Plan Participation Details
      • Employee Payroll Information Detail
      • Paid Time-off and Vacation Accruals
      • Automatic E-mail Notifications
      • Downloadable Data (Excel or CSV)
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      Administrators have immediate access to all relevant employee, benefit, payroll and corporate documents.
      Automatic e-mail notify administrators and employees to notify each other when information has been updated.

        Employee Functions  
        Employees can view details of their participation in benefit plans, review payroll data, and update their personal information.
      • Group Benefit Plan Details
      • Salary Information and Setup
      • Paycheck Information
      • Paid Time-off and Vacation Accruals
      • Company Documents (Handbooks, Policies, Guidelines)
      • Detailed Employee Information
      • Employee Plan Participation
      • Company Directory
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      Confidentiality is maintained through several levels of security while allowing employees access to the information they need.


        Dendera staff will work with you to setup the initial database:
      • Enter or load all policy information
      • Enter or load all employee information
      • Enter or load all policy participation information
      • Establish user access for the administrator and all employees
      • Develop payroll feeds into the HR Integrator®
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      The HR Integrator® can be set up very quickly, usually within a couple of weeks, and requires little or no training.

        Using the easy to navigate web pages administrators and/or employees can
      • Enter new employees
      • Update data for current employees
      • Enter an employee's participation in a group policy
      • Update an Employee's participation in a group policy
      • Dendera staff will update and maintain all policy definition information
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      The easy to use web pages allow administrators and employees to maintain data as needed while controlling privacy and data access.

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