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Dendera Small Temple
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Dendera Temple

The Temple at Dendera is Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.  The Temple's Facade is the Logo for Dendera HR & Benefits
Dendera is a temple complex located about and hour a half drive north of the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt.  Construction of the current temple complex began when the Ptolemys ruled the land in 85 B.C., although the area was used as a religious site dating back to the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Egypt.   The main temple, which is the logo for the Dendera Group, is dedicated to the goddess Hathor and is still in excellent condition today. 

The modern visitor enters the complex through a giant doorway, the stone overhead of which is still intact, and proceeds up a pathway to the main temple. The first floor of the main temple consists of a large hall having 18 giant columns, all of which are covered from top to bottom in hieroglyphics.  Also on the first floor is the main sanctuary and storage rooms, each one covered with Egyptians deities and hieroglyphics. To get to the roof, the visitor goes up a dark, narrow, spiral staircase, going in countless numbers of circles.    Again, in the dimly lit passageway, the outlines of rows upon rows of hieroglyphics are discernible on the walls, until one reaches the roof.  On the roof, there is a spectacular view of the Nile valley and the rest of the temple complex.  The path down from the roof is a single, long, straight seemingly endless passageway starting from the back corner of the roof sloping down to the bottom front of the temple.

The temple at Dendera was discovered in modern times by Napoleon’s invasion and survey of Egypt at the start of the 1800’s. It is most famous for the sculptured Zodiac dial  found on the ceiling of a sanctuary on the roof. Cleopatra was said to have visited Dendera many times during her reign.  Several hundred miles south of Dendera is a sister temple at Edfu, dedicated to the god Horus.  Horus was the divine spouse of Hathor.  Both temples were used in ancient ceremonies and are still intact today.
Dendera Interior Columns
Dendera Interior Doorway Dendera Interior Two Interior Relief One
Interior Hall
Exterior Gate Into Compound
Caesar and Cleopatra
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