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Dendera Offers a Wide Range of Human Resource Consulting Services to Meet Your Needs

Dendera HR & Benefits can alleviate many of the administrative and reporting burdens of your organization.  We can provide assistance in many areas on a project by project basis.
    1. Interim Human Resources Support
    2. Human Resources Consulting
    3. Human Resources Outsourcing
    4. HR Hotline
    5. Employee Handbooks
    6. Human Resource Audits
    7. Compensation Program Development
    8. Sexual Harassment Training
    9. Training Classes/Seminars
    10. Payroll Systems

Interim Human Resources Support

When the burden on the HR department becomes overwhelming, our consultants can provide assistance in specific areas to allow your HR team to focus on other priorities.

Alternatively, we can support the efforts of your HR team in completing specific assignments or provide temporary HR staffing for leaves of absence or periods of transitions.[Go to Top]


Dendera HR specialists can assist with your temporary HR staffing needs.


  HR Consulting  

Dendera senior consultants have over 20 years experience. If you are going through a re-organization, process development, special project or just need to upgrade your HR functions, Dendera consultants can assist.

Engagements can be structured as your needs change:
  • Project basis
  • Daily basis
  • Monthly Retainers
  • As-needed or Hourly[Go to Top]
Dendera professionals can assist in streamlining your HR operations, resolve personnel issues and upgrade your systems



  HR Outsourcing  
  Our outsourcing services allow your firm to focus on your key strengths while we handle the day to day HR issues and operations for you.

Services include:
  • Coordinating with payroll
  • Working with Managers for reviews and evaluations
  • Resolving hiring and firing issues
  • Developing Employee Handbooks
  • Training Coordination
  • Sexual Harassment Training/Issue Resolution
  • HR Assessments/Compliance [Go to Top]
Outsourcing allows your firm to focus on your business and leverage Dendera's experience to streamline your operations




  HR Hotline  

The HR Hotline helps answer those high priority, need-to-know questions that come up periodically. This service includes :

  • Access to Dendera’s Senior HR Professionals on an as needed basis to assist in resolving high priority human resource issues.
  • Dendera staff will respond via telephone or e-mail to issues as soon as possible, usually the same day, often within two hours.
  • Weekly HR Tips, delivered via e-mail, intended to keep the HR staff up-to-date on relevant HR issues. [Go to Top]
Dendera's HR Hotline offers immediate access to our senior consultants to assist in resolving high priority issues.





  Employee Handbooks  

An up-to-date, properly written handbook can reduce your company's risk and exposure when workplace incidents arise. These provide explicit guidelines on what is and is not acceptable employee behavior and outlines remedies and corrective actions.

Labor laws are ever changing, requiring updates of employee handbooks on a regular basis.  Our consultants can review your current handbook and identify necessary updates. 


Alternatively, we can provide a customized employee handbook in both English and Spanish.[Go to Top]


Dendera can update your existing handbook or create a new one to keep you up-to-date with changing labor laws. English and Spanish versions are available.



  Human Resource Audits  

Policies and procedures sometimes become routine and are followed without much additional thought.  Our consultants will follow a detailed checklist while consulting with your HR team to identify problematic practices and possibly enhance those which should be continued

State laws require specific record keeping within the HR department. Our HR professionals can review your practices to insure you are in compliance and suggest alternatives to reduce your risk.[Go to Top]

An HR audit will insure you are in compliance and reduce your risk exposure.



  Compensation Program Development  

Human Resource professionals must keep abreast of current pay practices and provide competitive packages to attract and retain high quality employees.  Dendera HR & Benefits will conduct a review of current pay levels and practices to ensure the corporate philosophy is reflected in your pay practices.  The review will include both internal and external equity analyses, and benchmarking against appropriate survey data.  We can help you design and implement programs incorporating the best practices particular to your industry.[Go to Top]

  •  Competitive Base Salaries
  •  Short Term and Long Term Incentive Plans
  •  Stock Option Plans
  •  Phantom Stock Plans
  •  Retention Bonus
  •  Executive Compensation Packages
  •  Innovative Wealth Management Programs

Competitive compensation programs allow you to attract and retain the best people.

Dendera's analysis will help insure your compensation plans are competitive and appropriate




  Sexual Harassment Training  

The California Legislature recently passed Assembly Bill 1825, mandating sexual harassment training for key personnel. Dendera offers complete courses in sexual harassment training for managers and staff. Our experienced consultants can also assist in resolving existing harassment issues and claims as well as institute policies to prevent harassment from occurring in the future.

Dendera can also assist in addressing and resolving Sexual Harassment Claims and streamline operations to reduce future claims and risk.[Go to Top]


Dendera can provide the state required Sexual Harassment training and assist in resolving outstanding claims.



  Training Classes/Seminars  
Dendera offers training classes to inform both management and staff about labor code requirements, how to manage employees, how to reduce risk and appropriately address complex issues facing companies today.
Management Seminars
  • Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Employment Laws, Legislative Update
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt
  • HR101 – Basic Training
  • Leave of Absence (I & II)
  • Record-Keeping
  • Sexual Harassment – Prevention and Investigation Guidelines
  • Wage and Hour Regulations
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration
  • Wrongful Termination


Supervisor Development Seminars
  • Basic Training for the New Supervisor
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with a Diverse Workforce
  • Documenting Discipline
  • Effective Communication
  • Handling Change
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Leadership & Team building
  • Motivating Your Employees
  • Performance Appraisal Made Easy
  • Preventing and Managing Stress
  • Sexual Harassment - What Managers Need to Know
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Time Management – Who’s Got the Monkey?
  • Training Your Employees [Go to Top]

  Payroll Systems  
  Whether you are implementing a new system or upgrading your existing system, Dendera's professionals can assist you in the process and ensure for a seamless implementation and conversion.

Dendera can help you upgrade or install the most popular payroll systems used today:

  1. ADP
  2. Paychex
  3. Millennium
  4. Quickbooks/QuickPro
[Go to Top]
Implementing or converting a new payroll system, or upgrading your current system, Dendera's experienced staff can assist.







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