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Overview of Dendera

Dendera was founded to provide a unique combination of HR Consulting and Insurance Services to small and medium sized companies

Founding of Dendera
Seeing the need for better, more comprehensive services for small and medium size companies, Dendera HR & Benefits was founded in 1999 by Ms. Isabel Valdivia and Mr. Kevin McDonald. Having provided human resource services for over 20 years, it was apparent that there was a lack of continuity and integration between the Human Resources Management and Group Insurance functions within most companies.

By spanning both areas, Dendera is able to offer a comprehensive suite of services at extremely competitive rates. This enables Dendera to offer a customized package to each client addressing their specific needs. We understand that companies need assistance not just at renewal and open enrollment periods, but throughout the year with HR management issues as well as benefit related issues.[Go to Top]
Leveraging our extensive experience in Human Resources allows Dendera to provide a comprehensive package of Services and Benefits customized to your needs.




  Customer Service  
  Dendera places a premium on customer service. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. We realize that as companies grow or change their business objectives, their needs change in both Human Resource management and Group Benefits. Dendera works with companies as they go through their growth cycles and adjust our services as needed.

We distinguish ourselves from other brokers by providing the services of Human Resources professionals. We invest a portion of our earned commissions to provide Human Resource and Safety services to our clients. Our Consultants have over four decades of cumulative experience in the high-tech, software, manufacturing and retail industries to assist you in an array of employment related areas.

As part of this long term commitment and design of the plan, we provide a range of complimentary services and on-going support to our clients. This often includes our HR Hotline service that allows immediate access to our HR professionals to assist in resolving those high priority HR issues that tend to arise from time to time.[Go to Top]

Dendera is an extremely service oriented firm providing superior service with outstanding products.




Dendera invests our time and resources back into your firm to help you achieve your goals.



  Target Market  
  Dendera specializes in catering to small to medium size companies. Larger companies are often offered a broad array of services not normally available by thier brokers. Dendera brings these services to the smaller companies. Dendera can do this because our brokers are also experienced HR managers.[Go to Top]

Dendera brings extensive experience to small and medium size firms.

Human Resources Service Offerings
We offer a wide range of services to support the Human Resources within your organization:
  1. Interim Human Resources Support
  2. Employee Handbooks
  3. Human Resource Audits
  4. HR Hotline
  5. HR Outsourcing
  6. Compensation Program Development
  7. Training Classes/Seminars
  8. Payroll Systems
  9. HRIS
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From our HR Hotline Service to complete outsourcing, Dendera offers a complete range of Human Resource Services



  Insurance Service Offerings  
  Dendera offers a wide range of services to analyze your benefits and provide your firm with the coverage it needs at the lowest available price:
  1. Group Employee Benefits Insurance Products
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Administration
  4. Premium Negotiations
  5. Communication and Enrollment
  6. Benefits Statements
  7. Complimentary Valued-Added Services

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Dendera can provide competitive benefit packages as well as evaluate existing packages.





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